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i don’t know what my mom was thinking when i was growing up… (well actually i suppose i do) the only cereals she’d let me eat were either tastless or left me with small bleeding cuts in my mouth.  as i would munch on my bowl of grape nuts, shredded wheat bricks (you know, unfrosted and about the size and texture of a brillo pad) or the occasional treat, cheerios (never honey nut!) i would sit watching commercials for the most magical, delicious, sparkly cereals that i was never to try.  despite never having tried them, their jingles have been stuck in my head for twenty plus years and only now find release from the prison of my skull with the advent of youtube and my blog.


grape-nuts or....
grape-nuts or….
kitty litter...?
kitty litter…?

i go back and forth from between being disturbed about how i can’t retain useful information, yet my brain responds still so readily to years of commercial programing; disappointed that i never got to eat these cereals that have faded into oblivion and a degree of gratitude that my mothers bland choices have given me a vague sense of what it is to eat healthily.

ah well, to all those delicious cereals, which i never savoured yet curiously still float around in my head…


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i found myself humming this song just before i walked into the sprint store…  it kind of got stuck in my head when i was a kid… like that mcdonalds menu song from the 80’s…  i can’t remember anything that should be worth remembering but my brain is stuffed with minutiae galore.

i imagine my blog will be squished full of such things …

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