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i don’t know how Armi Aavikko and Danny are regarded in their native Finland, but they get a bad wrap other places.  It’s fun to search for “the worst music” on the internet because it’s often the way I find the best music.  music that is so earnest that you’d have to be pretty callow not to love it.

one of armi ja danny’s songs shares the rather amazing title of “worst music video EVER” on youtube with another fantastic artist (jan terri).


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i love jan terri. i love jan terri. i love jan terri.

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if i absolutely had to choose one “outsider” musician to be stranded on a desert island with, it would have to be the space lady (suzy sounds).

she’s just so magical for me, like a unicorn in a forest she sings with a voice that haunts and inhabits my body.

i guess her primary point of contact is through myspace… i sent her a message expressing how much i love her music and asking to be her friend…

“hi kentaro–thanks for the nice note. no, i’m not performing except in cyberspace these days…sort of in a gestation period now, you might say, before doing something even more amazing and futuristic… >(:-)
….and yes, i’d love to be friends, but your profile “doesn’t accept friend requests from bands.” let me know if you change that status and we’ll be able to hook up.
love & peace,


Cap’n Jack



The Price Of Freedom



Street-level Superstar



In Your Dreams


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oh my gosh is Wing fun. she’s got a happy voice that puts a smile on my face.

if you buy one of her CDs she’s sing you a song over the telephone from her repertoire.  please, please somebody have Wing call me and sing a song for me.

she sings such songs as:

Mamma Mia, Dancing Queen, Beat It, My Heart Will Go On, The Power of Love, 9 to 5, Season of Love (RENT!)… she also likes to sing a lot of AC/DC songs..

she’s got samples to listen to on her webpage and instructions on how to paypal her to sing a song over the phone… (hint hint)


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bea arthur

i’ll see you there bea!  xxx

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fsymsogxog0njcwlmgzwalw9o1_500i need a huggmg

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i don’t know what my mom was thinking when i was growing up… (well actually i suppose i do) the only cereals she’d let me eat were either tastless or left me with small bleeding cuts in my mouth.  as i would munch on my bowl of grape nuts, shredded wheat bricks (you know, unfrosted and about the size and texture of a brillo pad) or the occasional treat, cheerios (never honey nut!) i would sit watching commercials for the most magical, delicious, sparkly cereals that i was never to try.  despite never having tried them, their jingles have been stuck in my head for twenty plus years and only now find release from the prison of my skull with the advent of youtube and my blog.


grape-nuts or....
grape-nuts or….
kitty litter...?
kitty litter…?

i go back and forth from between being disturbed about how i can’t retain useful information, yet my brain responds still so readily to years of commercial programing; disappointed that i never got to eat these cereals that have faded into oblivion and a degree of gratitude that my mothers bland choices have given me a vague sense of what it is to eat healthily.

ah well, to all those delicious cereals, which i never savoured yet curiously still float around in my head…

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